About Us

About Us

A Next Generation CyberSecurity and CyberIntelligence Start-Up for Professional Services, Trusted Advisory, Consulting & Education, focused on cutting-edge multi-vendor solutions.

Our mission is to actively fight CyberCrime and solve our customer’s concerns through enhanced services & solutions, across their existing infrastructures.

We believe in quality before quantity. Always.

Our focus being on delivering excellence to each customer, we build solutions to solve existing problems.

Customers come first.

Our detailed technology solution framework makes our results extremely valuable for our customers.

Our offerings are in the following areas of expertise:

  • Professional Services for our CyberSecurity and CyberIntelligence vendors.
  • Training & Education in CyberSecurity.
  • Sales & Technical Enablement.
  • Threat Intelligence.
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization.
  • SDN with NFV and VNF.
  • Container Security.
  • MicroServices Security.
  • Functions-as-a-Service Security.
  • IoT Security.
  • ICS (Industrial CyberSecurity).
  • Multi-Vendor integration through programmatic APIs.

Our services are delivered by Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that follow our internal analytical framework of operations, listening carefully to each individual business requirements, to meet the demands with a tailored response. We maximize the Digital Efficiency by completing business agility and keeping costs down.

We play an active role in our customer’s CyberSecurity cost saving model by outsourcing their technical requirements to us. It helps them increase their IT ROI, reduce their risks, augment their internal skills, and attain or maintain compliance.

Our verticals: Telco’s, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Banking, including EU local-based country government agencies.

We’re present in most European countries, with a Virtual Office model.

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